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Jewellers Block Insurance 


What is covered?

Here is a summary of the basic cover available under the contract arranged by GJIS with Lloyd's of London in the UK or Lloyd's Insurance Company SA in EU. This type of policy has always provided exceptionally wide cover and is suitable for most businesses in its standard form. GJIS are able to tailor cover to meet individual requirements - please contact us for details.

Stock, Goods in Trust, Money

All risks cover for loss of or damage including when entrusted to others, transits, or at private homes and exhibitions and if required:

  • Unattended vehicles
  • Unattended homes
  • Dishonest employees cover
  • Professional Indemnity in connection with valuation work
  • Stock being worn by you, your employees or family
  • Damage to goods being worked upon
  • Defective Title


All risks cover for loss or damage to Buildings including landlord's fixtures and fittings, fixed glass, sanitary fittings, professional fees, and costs of removal of debris.

Other Property

All risks cover for all other contents for which you are responsible including computers, machinery and tools; moulds and master designs; tenants' decorations and improvements; glass and signs and including:

  • Reimbursement of costs should you lose your keys to the safe(s) or premises
  • Cover included for loss occurring away from your premises
  • Employees' personal effects
  • The temporary and necessarily incurred costs of temporary repairs or boarding up

Loss of Profits

Consequential loss of profits following loss or damage at your premises and if required the consequences of:

  • Loss of stock in transit
  • Loss of stock at exhibitions
  • Loss of stock at the premises of your major suppliers or customers
  • The consequences of interruption upon your business should a major customer or supplier suffer catastrophe

Loss of Rental Income

Consequential loss of rental income following damage to buildings occupied by tenants.

Book Debts

Repayment of any bad debts incurred following loss or destruction of records of outstanding debtors or accidental loss of an approbation book.

Legal Liability

Public and Products Liability - covers your legal liabilities for negligent acts, errors or omissions arising in connection with your business including Professional Indemnity in respect of valuation work.

Employers Liability - covers your basic legal liabilities arising from your employment of staff.

Personal Accident Assault

If you or your staff are assaulted or attacked, a lump sum payment will be made in the event of death, loss or limbs or eyesight, or permanent disability. Other costs such as medical expenses and damage to clothing and personal effects will be covered.

Commercial Legal Protection and Assistance

All reasonable and necessary costs incurred by the appointed representative and Helpline Services which includes legal and tax advice, business assistance and counselling all available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Issues or merely guidance and assistance is available in connection with employment problems, criminal prosecutions, property protection, taxation investigations, data protection or statutory license are all included in the standard cover. Optional cover is available, if required, in respect of Contractual Disputes and Debt Recovery at additional premium.

General note:

The information contained under this heading is intended as a summary of the major pitfalls and reasons for non-payment of claims. You should always make reference to the full policy wording for the all the terms and conditions of the Policy


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